vrijdag 15 juni 2012

splognerizer 16

It's almost summer and TV-stations have all started re-broadcasting old episodes of series, at least over here. During the coming weeks I will re-post some old splognerizers. I don't have a clue of how many of you are following the splognerizers, but maybe someone has noticed that there is a large gap between splognerizer 15 and 26, followed by some smaller ones.
These are splognerizers which, for various reasons I released within a limited circle of friends only. Sometimes I named them differently like 'lukrakinatie' which in Dutch means something like "atrandomisation", but the format was very much like the splognerizers, so a while ago I started to rename/number them all back as such and I counted upwards from there.

Many of the coming weekly repostings will be from the missing link category I mentioned above. Sometimes there will be modest alterations in mix and art-work. Here's kicking off with one I wrought in april 2009: splognerizer 16 (God's not here...)

 get it here (untill it will be deleted because of inactivity)

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Frits zei

De downlaod lukt niet, hij blijft bij 40mb hangen en zegt dan dat de file niet meer beschikbaar is. Ik probeer het dit weekeinde nog eens.

splogman zei

alternatieve downloadlinks onderweg/ alternative downloadlinks on their way

Frits zei

Gelukt! Dankjewel!

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