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donderdag 8 november 2007

dingen in Frankrijk (1)

I started writing this episode about the All Hallows Holidays that I spent with the kids in Amsterdam using a somewhat peculiar style in order to reflect the myriad of ANDY WARHOL related events that are happening all over town there these days. But then all the while other things kept creeping in ... like the festival R_de_Choc, or WIEL's birthday, bumping into MICHEL DONEDA when I was in Brooklyn, meeting the BROCANTE SONORE in Brussels and seeing them thrice in concert in and around Paris ... so there's loads to read (and hear and watch!) but no ANDY yet ...
Next time soon, I promise ... Meanwhile if you are in PARIS, do not forget
to COME TOMORROW, friday nov. 9th, to see and hear DIKTAT perform at
That is at 45, rue du faubourg du Temple (fond de la cour) in Paris X.
Doors open at 20h30 ... Be happy!
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Harold Schellinx

vrijdag 19 oktober 2007


october 19th, 2007

Diktat for half an hour occupied an abandoned piece of public sound art, on the corner of the Academiesingel and Willemstraat in Breda. We secretly performed, but our many quesions remained unanswered. How was this 'open air sound cube' supposed to work? What sounds should one hear? Why is it no longer functioning? What is going to happen to this piece of 'art refuse'? Who is responsible? ... "A la recherche du Boezem perdu" ... Stay tuned ...
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Harold Schellinx