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zaterdag 26 oktober 2013

Les Claypool Is the Devil

Kijk, deze klei-animatie (heb een zwak voor het genre) past aardig binnen de thematiek van de afgelopen tijd:

En de toelichting moeten jullie zelf maar vertalen:

Primus' Les Claypool Is the Devil in Beats Antique's "Beelzebub" Video

San Francisco-bred electronic and world music trio Beats Antique originally formed to record music for Bellydance Superstars, a bellydance group formed in 2002 by music executive Miles Copeland (brother of Police member Stewart). A decade and multiple albums later, the band are now teaming with a new collaborator: Primus frontman Les Claypool, who sings on and stars in the video for "Beelzebub," from their recently released album A Thousand Faces: Act 1.

Anchored by Claypool's eerie, singular bass line, the band look to Hell for inspiration, building the demonic-sounding song off a creepy, avant garde groove that would make the Residents proud.
The claymation video, animated by Webster Colcord and directed by Ivan Landau (Sigur Ros’s "DauĂ°alogn"), blends the creepiness of The Brothers Quay with surreal, ever-shifting images. Faces melt. Guts are disemboweled. Amorphous building-eating blobs ravish the city. The highlight: a claymation version of Claypool as The Devil, as exacting and precise as a Madame Tussauds figure.
"Who would you want to play the role of the devil in your new concept album? LES CLAYPOOL, of course!," band member David Satori tell Fuse.  "Les is a dynamic bass-playing freak factory."
 Check out the video above to see for yourself and listen to Beats Antique's full album.

bron: fuse TV