maandag 13 oktober 2003

The first ten days of september

Splogman proudly presents: another Splogwork inspired by and made out of samples from Otis Fodders' 365-days project. It's the first piece built on samples from the month of september, to be precisely: the first ten days. (Yes, I'm planning on making yet two sequels) This time I've been trying to abstract the sounds more and more from their context and create "something completely different".

♫ Jan Turkenburg - The first ten days of september

update: the rest of the 365-days droodles

vrijdag 3 oktober 2003


This song has very little to do with the famous Supertramp-song. This is the nine year old J-J (that's how he wanted to be called then) who stayed at our place for a few months (three years ago) when he was going through a rough period: his father was dying of a brain tumor. J-J did know the supertramp song, because he spent a lot of time playing in my small studio while I was arranging it for one of my choirs. He didn't really like it and he couldn't imagine that adults wanted to sing this ... (well, I won't mention the word he used to spare the feelings of all you Supertramp-fans out there) He was eager to learn how to play the keyboard and I had allready noticed that he had no problems what so ever, reproducing a tune he had heard on his mother's piano. I explained the easy "two-finger-makes-a-chord-accompany-function" of my PSR 400 key-board and he enjoyed himself immenseley with it. He wrote down all the numbers of his favorite build-in accompaniments and began to make his own radio-show: "Dancing with J-J"
On the morning we got the news that his father had died, he disappeared into the studio and when I wanted to check up on him, I heard music playing from which I thought was the radio. When I came in I saw it was J-J singing through the microfone while playing the keyboard. He was using the few words of english he knew plus some fantasy words and I got the goose skin on my arms when I heard it. Later that day we recorded it and the next day we made an instrumental version together which was played at his daddy's funeral. In the weeks following we recorded a few instrumentals as well and made a CD of which he sold 20 copies at his school.
He has been growing a little since then and he now can't even reach the high notes of this song anymore. The other day I asked him if he would mind me sharing his songs with a few people abroad. "Go ahead" he answered, while shrugging his shoulders. He isn't making a lot of music anymore these days, but he is putting his energy in computergames and his serious determination to become an actor. We did some recording for a second CD some months after this one with dutch >J-J songs, a few of which will be posted here in the future.