zaterdag 28 april 2007

a field day

This morning's bird-protection trip was a magnificent experience. A brief report. Click thumbnails for larger (better) pictures:

A female blackbird sits on two or three eggs in our neighbours' hedge

A selection of pictures of the first lapwing's nest we checked. The little chickens are already crawling around the nest. Watch out. You can easily step on one of them without even noticing!

The second lapwing's nest. The chickens are hatching this moment. One is dry, the other still wet and the third egg is still closed. Last week we found a fourth slightly damaged egg in this nest, but it was gone now.

Along the way we discoverd the nest of a couple of grey geese as well. The female only flew away when we were allready very close. That's how we discovered there was a nest at all.
The whitest egg must have been layed very recently, because it hasn't been made dirty by the geese feet.

We've discovered two godwit's nests today. They're well hidden thus very hard to find and the female only leaves the nest in the high grass when you're at two feet distance. We've marked them so the farmer can mow around them instead of crushing them under his wheels.

Finally we checked the western curlew's nest wich seemed to be o.k.

zondag 8 april 2007

Easter 2007

Well it's Easter, that strange blend of traditions from various ages and cultures. For instance did you know, that painting eggs was originally Catholic symbolism? Well I didn't untill Remco told me the day before yesterday. Eggs were painted red, as a symbol for the blood of Christ that was shed to deliver us from death. Later on we started to paint them in various colours, to make it less scairy for kids (or something like that) I'm not sure were the easterbunny came in.
Meanwhile the weather is nice overhere. I'm still very much interested in birds and shooting pictures of them.

I'm listening a lot of music, good old-fashioned studio albums by Queen and Kate Bush and I'm wondering why it's not 'allowed' by many weird-music-fans to like the latter. I still love each and every album by her. At first I was a bit disappointed by her come back doubleCD: Aerial, but this week I've been playing it over and over again. It brings me in the right mood, you know!
I'm not sure if I'll be posting a lot the coming time. I'm busy making radio (This afternoon a classical radioshow with Gerard van der Leeuw.) and also I'm working on a new musical experiment called Cunningly Mutilated Memories with stuff like this

maandag 2 april 2007

lalala mondiaal

Too long for youtube and on top of that my pc refused to run my video-software properly, so here it is: (

update 2018: staat inderdaad nog ergens op ...


Au clair de la lune
A liki wokki
The monkeys of Zambuanga
Vois sur ton chemin

zondag 1 april 2007



of ookoi's headbang session on march 16 at 17:10 CET.

Mixed today by splogman in between the lovely weather, birthday visits and presenting a classical radioshow. The enhanced and edited version of Vreemde geluiden radioshow episode 28 with ookoi as well as some extra goodies and options can be downloaded here.

Oh yes, I also spotted a Picoides major, (Great Spotted Woodpecker) which made me very cheerfull and a couple of geese that looked like big Canada Geese only with completely black wings and white belly. I can't find this variety anywhere in my books. However, when i look at this picture and taking in mind that this is supposed to be a very common bird overhere (as well as yesterday's Egyptian Goose, a friend mailed me, thanx so much :p ) it probably was a variety of the Branta Canadensis.

update 2014: 7 years later there are thousands of Canadian Geese in and round Zwolle