365 45s (1-10)

1. Sta Sterk met de Utrecht

"Stand strong with De Utrecht". Utrecht is one of the main cities in the Netherlands and 'The Utrecht' used to be an insurance company."It's the first time that I enter your living room in this peculiar manner. Maybe you've recognized my voice. Yes it's me, Mr. Schippers from De Utrecht who is speaking to you...."
Mr. Schippers is of course telling us how incomplete and unhappy your life can be without an insurance from De Utrecht.

2. La Collégienne

 ♫ wikipedia

3. D.S.K. drink and sing in, throughout the years, 41-46
in 1975, veterinary alumni from the years 41-46 got together to relive their weekly singalong rituals.

4. Leidse studentenmeisjes bouwen plaatjes

our singing and drinking veterinary alumni are followed by singing female students from Leiden, a city with a long student cabaret tradition. The 52 weeks project had a record very similar to this, which is to be re-posted. I found this one recently and I think it is even better:

5. Bob Banaan in het land van Dole

I don't think this need any explanation. This is the story about a kid called Bob who is really into bananas. This is part one of his adventures. I can't find any evidence of following chapters. It's a floppy single to promote Dôle fruit, handed out at grocery stores,  mid seventies.

6. Heartbeat

7. Du haut de la tour

008 de paden op, de lanen in.

Helaas geen mooi hoesje, ook niet op internet, maar wel een mooi nostalgisch rood kinderplaatje.
It's a pity, no sleeve to be found of this nostalgic red single with kid's choir. The wellknown folk classic: De paden op, de lanen in (= onto the paths, into the lanes), Hela gij bloempje (Hey there thy little flower) and a few lesser known (at least to me) songs.

009 energy

Dutch dixieland singer Nico Haak (1939-1990) with a surprisingly serious song about saving energy.

Nico was succesfull in NL with songs like:

010 Ivan Hoe's big adventure

a hear play on a record that was part of a publication of the fashion magazine Regina Mode ('mode'= Dutch word for 'fashion') that appeared 4 times a year.

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